Here are a few images from various recent projects - from Concept Art and Books to CD covers, sketches and work you may not be as familiar with.

Preliminary Concept Art for the Ravnica set of Magic: the Gathering cards.  Some of these pieces were done for the Style Guide, to provide a jumping off point for other artists working on the set, others were done as pre-style guide pieces, to help establish the initial design and feel of the world. Click on a link below to see more concept art

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I have two books out now.  Welcome to my Worlds is a collection of the best art from the first 15 years of my career, and includes a detailed explanation of my watercolour painting technique.  How to Paint Fantasy Landscapes and Cityscapes is an in-depth exploration and explanation of the fundamentals of art and the process of painting beautiful fantasy worlds, and includes
step-by-step examples from many of today's best fantasy artists. Click on any image above to learn more about these books.
Ballantine Books is updating The World of Shannara, the illustrated guide to the world of Terry Brooks.
I was asked to paint several new characters and events from the new novels, and here are a few of my favorites.
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The Gates of Delirium and Out of the Darkness are two new CD covers from Midnight Syndicate, creators of beautiful, eerie and haunting halloween soundtracks.
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Some sketches, ideas and musings which caught my eye, and three pieces from Anachronism, a card game from The History Channel, featuring characters, events and situations from history, both the ancient, and the not so ancient.