Magic: The Gathering Figurative Art Landscape Art Drawings and Studies

- The Watery Grave SOLD
Altar of Fire  SOLD
After the Fall
Breeding Pool SOLD
Blood Crypt SOLD
- Moonfolk Enchanter SOLD  
- Storms Passing
- Last Light of Day
World View SOLD
- The Last Summons
Coldsteel Obelisk
- The Snake Warrior
- The Haunted Well
Oboro Palace SOLD
- Bloodstained Mire SOLD
- Winters Night
- Vault of Whispers
- Urza's Plains SOLD
- Sentinels

Snow Swamps
- Across the Valley
- Kuldotha
- The Razor Plains
Ancient Places SOLD

- Pirates Cove
- Pursued
- Poseidon's Daughter
- The Ghost Slayer

- The Crow: Night's Hunter   
- The Crow: The Calling
- The Crow: The Summons
- The Night Watchman

The Spirits of the Dead SOLD 
- The Night Stalker
- Dragon Songs

- The Elf Kings Hall
The Gates of Delirium
- The Ruins of Tharbad
- Pere Lachaise
- The Misty Mountains
- Private Vigil
- The Shadowlands
- Ever Watchful
- The Ruins of Otosan Uchi   
- The White Hand SOLD
- Breeding Pool Pencil Study 
- Ancient Places Pencil Study1
- Ancient Places Pencil Study 2
- Across the Valley Colour Study
- Moonfolk Enchanter Pencil Study 1 SOLD
- The Sunken City Colour Study
- Last Light of Day Colour Study
- Kuldotha Pencil Study
- Pursued Pencil Study
- The Ghost Slayer Pencil Study
- Sentinels Pencil Study
- The Snake Demon
- The Mountain Plateau
- The Blasted Plains
- The Blue Dragon SOLD
- Mage Pencil Study
- The Watery Grave Pencil Study
- The Haunted Well Pencil Study SOLD
- The Snake Warrior Pencil Study

This is a rotating selection of the original art, drawings and colour studies available for sale.  Please email me for prices, payment options, additional information or to join my mailing list to receive periodic updates and announcements of new works.
Not all the works I have available are listed here, so if you have seen a piece of mine elsewhere and are interested in it, check back here periodically, or send me an email inquiry, and I will let you know if it's still available.