$25.00 US 128 pages, 8.5"x11", Paperback
$35.00 US 128 pages, 8.5"x11", Hardcover

By Rob Alexander.
Highly Recommended. You don't have to be an artist to fall in love with this!
A very special collection looking behind the scenes to see how top artists create
their fantasy worlds." - Bud.

Artists will find the guidance and inspiration to draw and paint landscapes that evoke myths and legends, lost empires, futuristic planets, dramatic dreamscapes, underwater worlds, and subterranean cities. Contains over 200 color illustrations by Chesley Award-winner Rob Alexander and Ilene Meyer, Tom Kidd, Christophe Vacher, Donato Giancola and others. Step-by-step instructions demonstrate techniques for rendering a wide variety of fantasy environments in oils, acrylics, watercolor, or digital media.
Barron's, 2006

Review courtesy of Bud Plant Collectables.  Reprinted by permission.

WELCOME TO MY WORLDS: The Art of Rob Alexander

Recommended. "Fantasy and sword & sorcery paintings on the grand scale of John Howe's Tolkien paintings. Rob Alexander's work is new to me but it's quite impressive." -Bud.

His work covers a broad spectrum from traditional fantasy, horror and gothic imagery to children's book illustration, portraiture, and contemporary landscapes. This collection showcases 100 of his finest works from books, magazines and trading card games (notably Magic: The Gathering), and includes sketches, color studies and conceptual renderings, as well as a demonstration of his unique approach to watercolors.
Paper Tiger, 2005

Review courtesy of Bud Plant Collectables. Reprinted by permission.